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Since the dawn of time, man has stared into the flickering flames of fires to interrupt their brain waves and create an altered state of consciousness.

Today we use various ways of achieving this; rhythmic drumming, controlled breathing, music, dancing, meditation, alcohol, legal and illegal highs and hallucinogenic drugs. All of these produce altered states of consciousness and are used as forms of relaxation or escape.

Whilst the use of flickering light has been known for thousands of years it has only been used in experimental form since the 1940s when Dr William Grey Walter of Edinburgh University used it in his search for a cure for epilepsy.

Wonderlight uses sound and light to entrain the alpha waves in the brain to operate in a temporarily different way. By using a combination of cold strobic light and warm halogen at specific frequencies, the brain mimics these new alpha waves and produces sensations in the mind’s eye which takes the viewer on a journey of discovery that is almost impossible to describe, such is its beauty and wonder.

Many people report an out-of-body experience and can see themselves flying over a landscape that is both familiar and known to them, some report seeing colours they have never seen before and intricate, beautiful patterns and shapes. Everyone comes away asking when they can do it again.

In addition to the entertainment on offer, Wonderlight has a serious and therapeutic role to play. When a member of our team found that one of his family was suffering from a psychotic mental illness, he began research into ways that could help this young person who up until he was 15 years old was a fit and talented sportsman. Traditional medicine offered little and group therapy seemed to be ineffective so he began research into other forms of help and came across the use of flickering light entrainment that seemed to be useful in cases where the brain had for some reason failed to function normally.

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