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Terms & Conditions


1. Wonderlight Technologies shall supply the Customer and shall rent the Equipment, on the conditions set out in this Agreement.

2. The Equipment shall at all times remain the property of Wonderlight Technologies. The Customer shall not part with possession of the Equipment or dispose of, charge, pledge or underlet the same, or attempt to do so.

3. The Customer shall keep the Equipment at the address shown on the Rental Agreement and can only remove it with the prior written consent of Wonderlight Technologies.

4. The Customer shall pay the deposit prior to the delivery of the Equipment. On the return of the Equipment at the end of the Rental period, the deposit will be returned to the Customer less any costs incurred in the Equipment’s return and any outstanding monies owed or due.

Rental Period

5. The rental of any Equipment shall commence on the date of the Rental Agreement. It will continue until either Wonderlight Technologies or the Customer terminates as defined in clauses 19 to 22.

Rental Payment

6. The Customer will pay the Rental cost shown on the signed Rental Agreement. This Rental shall be paid on the payment periods specified.

7. All rental figures shown are exclusive of Value Added Tax. Value Added Tax at the current rate is payable in addition to the Rental payments within the terms of Wonderlight Technologies agreement.

8. Rentals payments shall be paid by the Customer, by the method indicated on the signed Rental Agreement to Wonderlight Technologies. If the rental payments by the Customer to Wonderlight Technologies are more than seven days late, they are subject to interest at 4% above the Base Rate of Lloyds Bank plc.

Rental Increases

9. Wonderlight Technologies reserves the right to vary the Rental Terms after the expiry of the agreement by giving one month’s written notice.

Customers Obligations

10. The Customer shall not suffer the Equipment to be taken by way of distress or execution and shall indemnify Wonderlight Technologies against any loss damage costs and expenses which Wonderlight Technologies may incur for the purpose of preserving the Equipment from such distress or execution or of recovering it.

11. The Customer and or any associated 3rd party undertaking work for the Customer is not to deface, remove or otherwise interfere with the markings on the Equipment showing Wonderlight Technologies ownership.

12. The Customer and or any associated 3rd party undertaking work for the Customer shall use the Equipment in a proper manner as described in the instruction Manual and not to attempt to interfere or tamper with the Equipment except to make normal adjustments. Wonderlight Technologies reserves the right to charge for callouts due to incorrect operation.

13. The Customer is responsible for the cost of repairs needed due to misuse, whether caused by the Customer and or any 3rd party undertaking work for the Customer. The costs of any repairs due to misuse shall be paid by the Customer to Wonderlight Technologies.

14. The Customer shall allow Wonderlight Technologies and its agents to enter the address at which the Equipment is installed to inspect and if necessary to repair or replace the Equipment.

15. The Customer is to notify Wonderlight Technologies immediately if the Equipment suffers any damage or fails to operate properly.


16. The Customer is liable for any loss or damage of or to the equipment and is therefore strongly advised to ensure the Equipment is insured against any such loss or damage.

17. The Customer notifies the Insurance Company on any claim of the interest held on any Equipment by Wonderlight Technologies allowing, if possible, direct settlement of the value of the Equipment between the Insurance Company and Wonderlight Technologies. Until Wonderlight Technologies has received a proper reimbursement, the Customer shall continue to pay the Rental payments due. Any Equipment replaced prior to this will be subject to a new Rental Agreement.

Dealer’s obligations

18. Wonderlight Technologies agrees to replace the Equipment in the event of failure.

19. Wonderlight Technologies may terminate the Agreement at any time due to the Customer not complying with the terms of this Agreement or has distress or execution levied against his or her property or becomes bankrupt or makes a composition with his or her creditors or if there is any mis-statement in the information provided by the Customer to Wonderlight Technologies.

20. Wonderlight Technologies can terminate this Agreement by giving not less than one month’s notice after the expiry of the initial rental period and give back any monies that might have been deposited by the Customer.

21. In the event of termination under Clause 24 all Rentals payments accrued due shall remain payable by the Customer together with Rental payments for the remainder of the Term of the Agreement.

Termination by the Customer

22. This agreement terminates on the expiry date of the term, as specified in the signed agreement between Wonderlight Technologies and the Customer.

Return of the Equipment

23. When this Agreement comes or is brought to an end the Customer shall at once return the Equipment to Wonderlight Technologies’ address as shown on the Rental Agreement.

24. It is declared and agreed that if the Customer fails to return or allow Wonderlight Technologies to retake the Equipment then the Rental payments due for this time to the end of the Agreement and any costs incurred in the Equipment’s recovery shall be paid by the Customer.


25. This is not a Hire-Purchase Agreement and gives the Customer no right to buy the Equipment.

26. Wonderlight Technologies shall be entitled at any time to sign the benefit of this Agreement to any legal entity either in the United Kingdom or abroad.

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